Want To Build Your High-end E-commerce Stores? Consider Conversion Centered Marketing

Posted by Suneha Arora on Oct 5, 2018 3:51:00 PM


how to build your high-end e-commerce stores using conversion centered marketing

Data-driven marketing has become popular in 2018, so has CAC and ROAS among most marketers. Everyone is optimizing their websites for conversion, adding pixels on websites, targeting behavior and interests and creating lookalike audiences. But here is the hurdle, what will happen if your services or products are expensive

  • Mostly, you will have limited conversions per day and optimizing the conversions won’t be very beneficial as there won’t be sufficient data
  • Consider Rado watches. Everyone likes Rado watches but can everyone afford it? So, reaching out to people who have liked pages of Rado might not deliver quality traffic.
  • Similar audiences and lookalikes are generally based on user demographics and are very algorithmic. You need to regularly upload emails of your current customers to build better matches.
  • Re-targeting your visitors is a good practice but you need to convince them to buy your services, else all efforts will go wasted.
  • It is a good practice to use dynamic product ads. But it is not a good practice to keep showing your customers a product that is not as per the customer’s size.

If PPC is not working, focus on influencer campaign

  • Awareness

Non-customers and non-visitors might not be aware of your existence. Find out where they hang out, the properties, restaurants, etc. Target them properly and serve them with an optimized video. Target a small interconnected community where if your direct customer likes your creative, they will definitely share it within their community.

  • Interest

Prepare a product catalog and show it to the customers who viewed your profile. In this case, try to avoid targeting people who are bulk shoppers or those who target discounts. If you are manufacturers of leather bags, target shopping, and luxury brands and fashion icons but exclude environmentalists and vegans

  • Consideration

Consider targeting people who have viewed any of your products or services. But make sure to include the size parameter in the product feed. If a customer likes your listed product, let’s say shoes, but while buying he realizes that his shoe size is not available, your product will not be sold. Adding the size parameter to the product feed and re-targeting will certainly help.

  • Intent

Tap into the psychology of the customer and decide about cash back offers, special offers, vouchers, etc. Create an urgency saying the special offer ends tomorrow or only 10 vouchers left. Land customers on a pre-completion page and give them a sense of progress even before the process has started.

  • Purchase

To reach the stage where customers will end up buying your product, you need to remove all barriers to buying. Make promises such as 365 days after-sale service or refund policy or free home delivery. Some customers avoid using credit cards for online shopping because of the trust factor. Don’t act cheap by charging $2 extra for cash on delivery.

  • Repeat purchase

Consider targeting customers who bought your services and products earlier. As you already have data from your previous customers, consider factors that customers viewed before taking the decision.