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Posted by Team Finaxar on Apr 1, 2020 8:36:52 PM

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The executive coaching business was growing due to strong demand in the past few years, but has faced a slowdown due to the Covid-19 situation. Executive coaching firms are finding new ways to organise classes through online channels as physical classes are cancelled. Firms like Finaxar have plans to engage executive coaches for its key leaders, and have found past classes useful.

"I went for it because my company was shifting in terms of scale," CEO and Co-founder of Finaxar, Vihang Patel says. "We were 20 people and we were going to about 70 people. It's a pretty big scale-up that we were anticipating in a very short period of time, about less than a year. We were also bringing some senior executives into the company." The coaching was helpful in giving him directions, he says. "The idea of executive coaching is not that they have answers to our problems... but to help us get to an answer or solution... A lot of (the coaching) was around the kind of structures and approaches that have helped previous founders get this direction."

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As published on: The Business Times

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