How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business?

Posted by Suneha Arora on Oct 15, 2018 2:04:00 PM

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

Business owners in Singapore take quite a lot of efforts to increase their online presence, thus get more business. In Singapore, where most of the people buy the required products and services online, business owners should consider smarter ways to increase their online presence. Under the booming circumstances of the e-commerce industry in Singapore, business owners can consider boosting their online presence by considering Facebook Ads, pop-ups and PPC campaigns. Here’s how it can be done.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have become one of the popular ways of growing the online presence amongst business owners in Singapore. A well made Facebook Add campaign can generate higher leads at a lower cost per acquisition as compared to any other digital marketing platforms.

No doubt, Facebook has its own unique way to target users on the basis of their personal interests, behaviors, and geographies. This ensures that your ads are placed ahead, in front of the right target market. In Singapore, on average, people check Facebook approximately 14 times a day.

There are multiple ways to target customers on Facebook by uploading their phone numbers and emails and allowing Facebook to match this information to the existing users. Retargeting websites, PPC and other relevant traffic work well.

Action items for Facebook Ads

  • Upload data of past customers to create a relevant audience
  • Set up the Facebook pixel

PPC-Pay Per Click

PPC is an auction-based system that shows ads to visitors who search something on the Internet. Every click costs you an amount as per the competitiveness of the keywords. For instance, in Singapore, someone may search for the mobile company online, clicks on an ad costing the advertiser around $6 and finally lands on the mobile company’s page. The key to PPC is to get one such click to take action, i.e. to contact the mobile company. The key with pay per click is to get the lowest possible cost per acquisition.

Action items for PPC

  • Setup conversion tracking
  • Identify the target cost for every lead
  • Think of an exciting offer

Pop-ups / Whitepapers

People often say that they hate regular pop-ups but nobody can deny their importance. Think of a convincing offer that you can give to the visitors so that you could capture their email. This email can be used to retarget the visitors on any platforms. With this, the visitors can be converted into customers. Pop-ups are one of the effective ways to build a list of emails of potential customers. Exit-intent pop-ups are useful as they appear only when a visitor is about to leave a website, thus capture their email addresses.

Action items for pop-ups

  • Test your ideas
  • Create pop-ups with a convincing offer
  • Try a free pop up creation tool

Facebook Ads, PPC campaigns and pop-ups work extremely effective when used together. These channels can be creatively and effectively tweaked together to strengthen each other