Finaxar's Highlights of 2019

Posted by Team Finaxar on Jan 7, 2020 5:44:00 PM

_Small businesses dont fail because its a bad business . they fail because of cash flow problem (2)


"Cash flow management really affects the vitality and growth of small businesses, and the businesses most likely to succeed are those who are able to manage their cash flow effectively." - says Chris Wheat.

Finaxar has come a long way in 2019 and we wish to thank everyone who have contributed by supporting us along the way. 

We are proud to have won the Visa Everywhere Initiative Award 2019 and Fintech Awards 2019 (Singapore Founder Category), proving that we are not only a recognised lender but also a recognised fintech solution provider. An important word for us in 2019 is the “ecosystem” because we see SME financing in Southeast Asia as an intricate ecosystem that we can contribute to in many ways. 

We have established many important partnerships with financial institutions, payment gateways, logistics platform providers and more. Finaxar's growth in SEA is a big factor in the company’s success. Finaxar is headquartered in Singapore and now operates in Vietnam, Malaysia and Hong Kong. In 2020, we strive to deepen these partnerships and form new partnerships. We aim to continuously innovate and improve to bring greater value to all our partners and clients, and we are pleased to see our partners and clients grow alongside.

Finaxar has solutions to bridge the gap for SMEs to manage their cash flow needs and have helped thousands of them in the region. Providing quick, working capital loans at affordable rates is the need for the hour, especially for companies that are less than 3 years old. With our flexible repayment method, we make your business run more efficiently.


Key Highlights:

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A new win for the Team Finaxar, runner up in Singapore Fintech Festival 2019, Singapore Founder Category. Finaxar’s Lending-as-a-Service™ (LaaS™) is a unique fintech solution that could be used to empower financial institutions to solve evolving financing needs of SMEs. 
Singapore's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan dropped by our booth at Singapore Fintech Festival and had a pleasant chat with our co-founder and executive director, Dr Tan Sian Wee, about our award-winning lending as a service solution.
Finaxar is proud to be onboard CALISTA finance, where we can help SMEs in the supply chain industry access much-needed financing. With the launch of CALISTA finance, supply chain processes will be greatly facilitated and digital,n line with Finaxar’s philosophy of providing a seamless experience for our SME financing clients.
SMEs are the backbone of Southeast Asia. Yet they find their needs unmet when it comes to financing. Finaxar has come up with solutions to bridge this gap. Our CEO and co-founder, Vihang Patel, presented our solution at the 500 Startups Demo Day in Vietnam. Watch the video to find out more!

Small businesses are considered to be the core of Singapore’s economy. With working capital loans from Finaxar you can keep your business up and running. Know More