Coronavirus detected! What to do in case there is a confirmed case of coronavirus.

Posted by Team Finaxar on Feb 24, 2020 4:25:35 PM

Coronavirus detected!

Recently, DBS has evacuated 300 staff from the bank's Marina Bay Financial Center Tower 3 headquarters following confirmation that one of its employees there had contracted the Covid-19 virus. This caused anxiety even amongst employees from other floors of the same building.

The coronavirus can afflict anyone but when it afflicts someone in a corporation, an organised response is needed. Here are some of the steps you can take if someone in your company is diagnosed with Covid-19.

  1. Activate BCP and all employees to work from home. Essential staff should remain contactable during business hours.
  2. Co-operate with Singapore Police Force and MOH who will do contact tracing.
  3. Thorough office disinfection. Refer to this NEA guideline on cleaning.
  4. Notify all stakeholders such as the landlord of the office, affected customers, affected suppliers etc. Take note that the notification should be drafted in a professional manner to prevent panic, and urge them to stay calm and cooperate with contact tracing efforts. You might need to have an official notice on your website’s main landing page. 
  5. Phone the diagnosed employee to get updates and show your support. 
  6. Urge all employees to observe personal hygiene, minimise social contact and visit a doctor if unwell.

In conclusion, while a case of Covid-19 amongst your staff may cause anxiety and even panic, it can be reduced if the management remains calm and sticks to protocol. In Singapore, our health authorities are highly skilled at contact tracing, and no stone will be left unturned in their investigations, hence we should trust them. We believe the worst will be over, and hope that everything will return to normal soon!