Cash Flow Forecasting- The Need of Every Business

Posted by Team Finaxar on Dec 3, 2018 6:57:00 PM


cash flow forecasting

Some business owners might think that forecasting the cash flow is essential only in case of cash crises. However, it is not the truth. Cash flow forecasting is the need of the hour for all businesses irrespective of whether they are suffering cash crises or are successfully running the business. Cash flow forecasting is a very valuable tool for businesses of all kinds to measure their growth and to make sure that you have the required money at the required time. Cash flow forecasting can assist the businesses to anticipate the surplus and cash crunches in time.

Cash flow forecasting is required for various purposes, a few of them are listed below:

  • Cash shortage: a simple cash flow forecast will assist you to avoid cash crunches in the future. If you forecast cash flow in advance you will be in a better position to negotiate better loan rates, manage supplier’s expectations and tighten your credit control.
  • Use cash surplus for growth: for the growth of the business, it is imperative to take advantage of available cash surplus. With cash in your account, you can plan towards the growth of your business services. Cash flow forecasting allows you to decide about how much more can be invested in the business and when.
  • Achieve confidence in financial systems: cash flow forecasting will help you identify the areas where you need to cut down your expenses, cut down operating costs, hire new staff members to carry out business activities and to tighten payment terms. Regular cash flow forecasting is an essential element of any business to make you understand the cash flow situation before you reach a crisis situation.

You might suddenly need cash to buy a new stack, hire new people, or plan for a new office setup. All of a sudden when you realize that you don’t have enough cash, your growth plan will go for a toss. Keep a regular check on the cash flow and go ahead with the growth of your business and be in a better position to make important decisions.