Beware Ecommerce Sellers, Here Are The 10 Things That Annoy 11.11 Shoppers

Posted by Team Finaxar on Oct 14, 2019 5:37:41 PM

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The world’s biggest shopping day is approaching and we CAN’T KEEP CALM! 11.11, popularly known as Singles’ Day, has become a great phenomenon. Consumers look forward to this day and the offers and deals that come with it.

Although Alibaba started this sale, it has now become open to a pool of various e-commerce sellers who want to bring their businesses in the consumer’s light.

It is indeed an opportunity that any e-commerce company should not miss, especially if you want to scale up and take advantage of this day to do profitable sales in volume. Research shows, Singles’ Day in 2018 got sellers upto 935% sales than a regular day. So, if you are one of the small business owners preparing for this big day, you should read through these 10 things that annoy online shoppers during this huge sale period. Here you go:

1. Missing Information

As a seller, you have to understand that the only way to verify your product online is through providing as much information as possible. When you don’t offer enough information about the product, it reduces the trustability of it. To avoid this problem, make sure to be as detailed as possible. The details are required so that whatever questions the buyer might have will get answered within a few seconds.


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2. Out of stock!

Nobody likes to research for hours for their favorite product, only to find out that it is out of stock. So, make sure to label your products as likely to get out of stock, and accordingly make arrangements to bring it back in stock. Moreover, experts say, stock up at least 10 times more for the Single's Day, than you would for a regular day.




3. Long-Time to Deliver

The waiting period is the worst! What if you can make it better? Have stocks set up in all the warehouses, so the delivery to a customer is within a day. As no one likes to wait, so multi-location stock loading is the key. Trust us, your customers are bound to love the experience.




4. Reality vs Reel-ity

What you see is what you receive. But, is it really the case? Sometimes, as a seller you might have the right intentions but when it comes to displaying your products, the message doesn’t come across. This could be because of bad photography or limited information. So, click clear and high-quality pictures of the products for the brand and product pages.


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5. No Customer Service Details

Make it easy for the customer to get in touch with you. They don’t have the time to keep hunting for your contact information. You’d be surprised to know that, this kind of call to action can help your business a lot.




6. This Coupon Code Does Not Exist!

Online shoppers look for coupon codes even before they finalize a product to buy online. So, before you launch your Singles's Day campaigns, double check that the coupon codes created for this mega sales event are functional. Your coupon codes should be easy to read, unique, sound attractive, and most importantly, “ACTIVE”.


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7. FAQs

Questions are normal, and so keep a FAQ section readily available for your customers. This will solve their queries in a matter of seconds on their own.


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8. Unattractive Discounts!

Your pricing strategy should be such that your customers get attracted towards your deals and at the same time, you don't lose your bank balance. The competitive pricing you set for your products, especially for the Singles’Day, is going to decide how the customer traffic will treat you. At the end of the day, it's all about discounts and great deals that your shoppers have come online for. Give them a reason, and see them coming!


9. Paying Shipping Charges

87% of shoppers prefer free shipping over getting charged to ship items faster. Again, having the stocks ready at multiple warehouses would help reduce your shipping cost and that can be passed on to your customer. Or give less discount and cover your shipping cost within that. As long as the customer sees “Free Shipping”, you’re sorted.


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10. Negative Customer Reviews!

What is a better way to make customers believe your product than a customer review itself? More than 86% of customers see reviews as an essential factor in deciding the purchase. In case of a negative review, take it sportingly and address the issue by responding to that negative review. Apologize on that comment, and suggest a solution to the customer, so that other buyers would see that the seller is responsive and responsible towards the customers.


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Are You Keeping A Check On Your Singles’ Day Plan?

Simplifying the shopping process for a customer is an important factor and so, invest in making their experience a better one.



Being an SME, we understand getting a cash flow can be a challenge. So while you focus on building a seamless shopping experience for your customers, we can help you with micro-loans/a credit line that will deliver the needs to be ready for this Big day! Click here to find out more about Finaxar credit line

So, up your selling game this Singles’ Day, and end on a HIGH!!