Are You Planning to Apply for a Business Loan? Improve Your Chances

Posted by Team Finaxar on Dec 30, 2018 4:35:00 PM


Are You Planning to Apply for a Business Loan

Applying for a business loan and getting it approved is a tedious task. After all those applications where you fill lots of data to avail business funding, you might still face rejection.

Here’s how to increase your chances of getting business finance:

  • Maintain a clean credit score: there is no shortcut to cleaning your personal and business credit scores. Credit score comes up all the time, and for a good reason. A credit score is the most influential factor while availing business loans.
  • Payback capacity: Your capacity to pay back the loans will deflect or draw the lenders. Always have an automated payment handy so that a payment schedule is not missed.
  • Mix the credit but at a limit– Another important area of credit score that needs to be taken care of is the credit mix. It is always a good thing to have experience with a variety of credits. This shows that you have plenty of experience of handling multiple options.
  • Setup a healthy business: It is always a challenge to set up your business and make it functional. Along with your credit score, the lender would always have the interest to see the cash flow, business health, and gross monthly revenue. In order to keep your monthly gross revenue high, make sure to prevent your funds from fading away.
  • Get a time machine: the longer your small business has been operating, there would be more information to analyze. Most of the lenders are interested to see the past six months of data.
  • Choose the right products and lender: Selecting the right products and lenders makes a lot of difference. The market is filled with thousands of lenders offering a wide variety of funding options. Identifying the right one as per personal needs is a task.
  •  Select a platform that is easier to apply, process and gets the application approved. Some online platforms like Finaxar offer completely online and paperless processes. 

Young business owners might have a limited chance to jump in the future. But with the availability of many funding options, businesses can plan their future.